UNITED STATES OF CHINA – In 2020 America defaults on trillions of dollars owed to China and becomes the United States of China. This is against the backdrop of the courtroom trial of Miriam Hopkins, a former American terrorist, who has become the symbol of resistance against China. United States of China is not just a movie. It is a wake-up call for all of us. It Can Happen Here!  It IS happening here! In 2020 the United States defaults on trillions of dollars of debt to China. As a result of the economic and political capitulation, and China’s sudden declaration of martial law, “to save millions of American lives,” we become the United States of China. The Chinese flag is raised, boats and planes are ferrying Chinese military into ports and airports, schools, banks and police stations close, bilingual signs go up, and the Chinese act as if they own the place, which they do. The transformation takes place against the backdrop of the trial of Miriam Hopkins, a former American terrorist, who hated what her country stood for. Despite this, she has become the symbol of resistance to the takeover. With a threadbare defense based on a supposed Chinese conspiracy, Miriam stands alone in defiance of China. Hopkins is tried in a closed Chinese courtroom, in a sham trial, convicted, and sentenced to death. Worldwide opposition to the trial forces the Chinese Supreme Court to overthrow the verdict and order a new trial for Miriam; this time under American courtroom jurisprudence, with Miriam, allowed to act as her own attorney. The Chinese prosecutor welcomes the opportunity to retry Miriam under these Western conditions. He pits his courtroom strategies against a seemingly overwhelmed defendant with witnesses equal to the task and a Chinese judge who adds a good measure of humor to the trial. Miriam proves to be her own worst enemy, unable to sustain her conspiracy theory and hell-bent on presenting her truth and nothing but her truth, destroying any legal credibility. She will go down with her ship, the final vestige of a diehard refusal to surrender the dream of a lasting America. In the closing minutes of her retrial, with everything on the line, Miriam is cajoled and led by the shrewd prosecutor into standing behind what she believes in – knowing it will result in the death penalty. Just what the prosecutor had planned. Unbeknownst to everyone including the prosecutor, Beijing has other plans for Miriam Hopkins. Revealed in the final scene in her prison cell, as she awaits news of her imminent death sentence, Miriam is told that she is to be released. She is more valuable to China alive. Miriam’s shocking liberation appears to be the climax, but there is a startling kicker to the story – the wake-up call we’ve been waiting for. We finally discover who is really responsible for the takeover of America, and it’s not the Chinese!