Series follows the true life and times of George Remus, the King of the Bootleggers, through building his empire, prison, and hunting down the man who stole his wife and his millions.

George Remus, brilliant and self-assured, murderous, yet erudite, was known as the “King of the Bootleggers” during Prohibition.  A minor character featured in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire,  Remus’s story is both true and compelling, deserving of its own television series or biopic.  The story follows Remus as he builds his illicit empire and winds-up in prison despite the $50,000 bribe he paid to the U.S. Attorney General.  While in jail, Remus’s much younger wife has an affair with Prohibition Agent, Franklin Dodge, and together they steal his millions.  When Remus is released, he hunts them down and kills his wife in front of their daughter.  The trial that follows was the OJ trial of its day, followed by millions the world over.  Remus, who himself was a lawyer, brilliantly architected his own defense.

A fascinating, true crime story during a fascinating time in American history, based on the book King of the Bootleggers:  a Biography of George Remus by William A. Cook, McFarland (2008).  Think Sidney Greenstreet does The Untouchables.

Developed for a series or biopic. The series bible and pilot teleplay have been completed.  Production partners welcome.