A Memoir: A woman’s journey from mental illness to federal prison.

“What shames us, what we most fear to tell, does not set us apart from others; it binds us together if only we can take the risk to speak it.” – Starhawk

Follow the journey of the author, Janie Renee Cochran, through the onset of depression and mania to an international crime of greed which lands her in a federal women’s prison. In her memoir, the author chronicles her struggle with mental illness and the crime which it led to.

This is a must-read for anyone who has suffered from a mental disorder or who knows someone who has. It takes the reader from the world of international au pairs to a federal court system in which mental illness is chargeable and punishable as a crime. It’s about redemption and how the author finds unlikely friends in that strange world behind bars.

Through Janie’s memoir, the reader gets a glimpse into what life is truly like in a federal women’s prison. The story is well told through the eyes of a typical, middle-class soccer mom who had to leave her three young children and husband behind, and how she tried to put her life back together after her release.

Coming soon as a 2018 September Release from Righter’s Mill Press in eBook and trade paperback formats.