After the UFO Crash – A UFO crashes in Florida and the world is suddenly endangered by a deluge of strange coincidences and hordes of murderers.

Also from Dutch author, Koos Verkaik, comes his eerie and thrilling science fiction novel, HIM: After the UFO Crash.

Rocket scientist, Arthur Croft, sends a special capsule into space, hoping it will be intercepted by extraterrestrial creatures. Croft has an unshakable belief in the existence of intelligent life in the universe. Then, for no apparent reason, he commits suicide.

Jasper Froch, an American hippie, learns how to control the phenomenon of synchronicity and discovers that strange coincidences lead him in a certain direction. A Swiss psychiatrist asks Jasper to befriend a special mental patient, a rich American by the name of Francis Lockhart. Meanwhile, a UFO crashes in Sanguine, Florida.

Sanguine changes. People act strangely, and many become geniuses. Some murderers and criminals become so good at their craft that they become a danger to the whole nation.

The U.S. Army readies to destroy the town, but then Jasper finds out about the influence of the UFO, about Arthur Croft’s,  and Jasper’s own role in a very dangerous game.

“Once I asked the Dutch author Koos Verkaik, whose reputation in the Netherlands is like that of Stephen King, which book had influenced him the most in his life. Without losing a second he replied, “Alice in Wonderland, which is such a weird and scary book. A lot scarier than any of my own horror and ghost stories.” Fije Wieringa, Penthouse.

Coming soon as a 2018 Release from Righter’s Mill Press in eBook and trade paperback formats