HARLEM RAIDERS – The bloody and vengeful drug wars between the NYPD and the New York drug gangs.

The overdose deaths of two teenagers. Heroin once again takes a foothold in Central Harlem. One community elder, an undercover DEA agent, tells the story of a female, African American community leader, and a white NYPD sergeant, who join forces in overcoming three organized crime families’ strangleholds on Harlem. Despite assassination attempts and murders, this one officer, unknowingly protected by a lone female DEA undercover agent, restores the ideals of hope and freedom to residents by leading a diverse team of officers on a crusade to destroy the inner workings of the Mafia.

Author Peter Pranzo is a retired NYPD Lieutenant with over 21 years of service who has worked in all five boroughs of New York. One of the most highly decorated superior officers in the history of the NYPD, Pranzo received over 60 awards, department commendations, and community awards including the Police Combat Cross, the Award for Valor and the Honor Legion Medal of Valor. Pranzo has given lectures and seminars and has been an expert witness in court. He has also consulted on TV and movie productions and has written for police magazines and newspapers across the country.

Coming soon as a 2018 Fall Release from Righter’s Mill Press in eBook and trade paperback formats.

Rights for Harlem Raiders are available for film and television worldwide.