We search the world over for the finest written works to develop for

film and television.

  • EDISON 64

    64 students from Edison High School in Philadelphia were killed in the Vietnam War. The largest number from any school in the country. A tragedy in Vietnam and at home. Edison High ...

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    Series follows the true life and times of George Remus, the King of the Bootleggers, through building his empire, prison, and hunting down the man who stole his wife and his millions. ...

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  • HIM

    After the UFO Crash – A UFO crashes in Florida and the world is suddenly endangered by a deluge of strange coincidences and hordes of murderers. Also from Dutch author, Koos Verkaik, ...

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    The true story of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Norman Borlaug, who is credited as “The Father of the Green Revolution” for saving over a billion people from starvation “The father of the ...

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    A Memoir: A woman’s journey from mental illness to federal prison. “What shames us, what we most fear to tell, does not set us apart from others; it binds us together if only we can ...

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Three Corners Entertainment

Three Corners Entertainment’s mission is to find the finest published and unpublished works to develop for film and television.

The process of moving the written word to the screen involves marrying each work to the right producers, directors, talent and investors.

Headed by a team of professionals, including President Albert T. Longden, literary agent, former Publisher, and CFO; Principal/Chief Creative Executive Richard Sand, Esq., an award-winning author; Executive Producer/Counsel Jeffrey Batoff, an award-winning screenwriter; and Executive Producer Karen Venable, professional editor, publishing coach, marketer and public relations.

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  • Al Longden

    President and Publisher

    Al Longden has an extensive background in publishing in various positions, including General Manager and Publisher, ...

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  • Jeffrey Batoff

    Executive Producer & Legal Counsel

    Jeffrey Batoff is an accomplished, award-winning screenwriter. As Executive Producer for Three Corners, he reviews ...

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  • Karen Venable

    Executive Producer

    Karen Venable has more than twenty years as a professional editor, publishing coach, online marketer, social media ...

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  • Richard Sand

    Chief Creative Officer

    Richard M. Sand is a well-known historian, college professor, award-winning author, and practicing attorney. He was ...

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